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On The Road to the Sasquatch Music Festival: Stalking Authentic Vegans in Seattle, Free Produce, Camp Attack

Oh Seattle kids, and your many layers of clothing. Your many many bags, and copious accessories. In many ways, Capitol Hill is like a rain-soaked Bedouin village, kids rambling between ramshackle houses covered in amazing art, listening to bands and drinking PBR. Our Sasquatch team (consisting of Justin and Robyn from amazing indie music blog Ca Va Cool, myself, and two lovely ladies along for the ride to the Space Needle) leaves Vancouver on Friday afternoon. We stop at the apartment of my friend Sarah, appointed with a fireplace, a giant shark-marionette, and a vintage map of France. Sarah takes us for PBR pints and vegan delights at Highline (210 Broadway E)-wraps, burgers, and even a vegan Reuben sandwich. Located in an old “bro” club, which the waiter informs us used to house a jet ski, the place is huge, the food is amazing, and the people-watching doesn’t suck-adorable tattooed kids wrapped up in all kinds of toques and flannel, wheeling into the place on their fixies. Read more on She Does The City…

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The books you bring with you.

I think everyone has a stack of books that have migrated with them from coast to coast to continent to college and back. They’re stuffed in the trunk of cars, or wrapped in tissue in suitcases, or shoved next to the water purifiers in your back pack. These books are torn and dog-eared, underlined and watermarked and helped make you who you are. You carry them with you when you need wisdom, or reminders, or hope. They will sit on every sticker-covered thrift-store wooden bookshelf you own, and you will refer to them constantly to help you navigate growing up. These ones have made many journeys: Continue reading

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